A Little Self Care - Full log

The script created in this log was used to create the video that can be found here: A Little Self Care

Sleepyhypno 2:22 AM

ok are you two all ready?

Psyco Turnip 2:25 AM

Oh ya, good to go.

Sleepyhypno 2:25 AM

always so eager =cP


WonderKitty 2:26 AM

Is good

Sleepyhypno 2:26 AM


just let yourself get

into a comfortable position

and just take a few


deep breathes

breathing in and letting your chest

stretch out

and then exhale slowly

and easily

every time you do this

you'll feel your body

start to relax

start to loosen

and feel your mind clear

and just focus on my words

and let everything else

simply start to fade away

and what i'd like you to imagine

for me in your mind

is a beach

secluded and far away from everything

warm enough to be comfortable

not too hot, and not too cold

imagine what it would feel like

to feel the sand beneath your feet

softly crunching as you step

feeling your feet sink

just a bit

with each step you take

as the waves crash

and roll into the beach

trees along the edge of the sand

on the other side of you

gently rustle in the breeze

sea gulls gliding up above

giving that tell tale call

as they slowly glide along the breeze

you can see that now can't you ladies?

WonderKitty 2:30 AM


Psyco Turnip 2:31 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:31 AM

good girls

every step you take

helps the world around you to become

more vivid

more clear

the sound of your feet

sinking into the sand

the look of the waves rolling onto the beach

you can feel the sun

beating down on your skin

warm and relaxing

as a cool breeze blows over your hair

letting it flutter in the wind just a bit

every breath you take

is filled with air that smells


and clean


as the world around you gets more and more vivid

with every step you take.

and as you walk along the beach

you come to a small clearing

tucked away from the beach

in a tiny opening in the tree line

this is my special place

this is where i go when i really want

to just relax and recharge

Would you like to join me in this special place?

WonderKitty 2:34 AM


Psyco Turnip 2:34 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:34 AM

good girls... so easy to follow along, so easy to type and just lose yourself in this trance

as you walk into this little clearing

my special place to relax

you notice a natural hot spring

sunk into the sand

it looks kind of a like a pond

surrounded by dark boulder that make up the edge

smooth from the water that flowed over the rocks

over the years

you can see the water

clean and clear

bubbling, and steaming

under the heat of the hot spring

just let yourself sit down

on the edge of the spring

and dip your toes inside

the water is soothing

and warm

warm enough to wash away your stress

and tension

but not too warm

just the right temperature

your feet very easily

become used to the temperature

and you start to slide into the spring

little by little

letting your legs

and hips


and back

slide into the spring

you can feel that now can't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip 2:38 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 2:38 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:38 AM

good girls

doing so well

so easy to just let go

as you climb in

you notice there is a natural ledge

inside the spring

a place where you can sit

and rest

a place that lets your body sink

all the way into the water

up to your neck

allowing the warm soothing water

to swirl around your bod

slowly and easily

you start to notice

that as you sit here

the water seems to pull

any stress

or tension

out of your body

it's as if the muscles

just seem to let go

and relax

and you can see the tension

sliding into the water

it's as if the tension has a color

that seems to tint the water just a bit

and that little area of tension in the water

drifts higher and higher

till it reaches the surface

where it evaporates into steam

and the steam

gently rises

and gets blown by the wind

into the trees

the trees easily breathe in the tension

the stress

that the spring pulled out of your body

and absorb it

and transform it

purifying the energy

resetting it

making it something useful

making it positive


you can feel that can't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip 2:41 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 2:41 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:41 AM

good girls

The energy then gets exhaled by the trees

and starts to drift through the air

swirling around the spring

until you slowly inhale it

feeling the clean energy

moving into your lungs

into your body

into your mind

every breath you take

in this place

helps you to simply relax

helps you to simply recharge

and rest

it is my special place.

given to me years ago by a friend

and now i want to share it with you

a place where you can always come

any time you want

to simply sit in the spring

and relax

letting the warm water

sooth your body

and pull out any negative energy

from your body

your mind

or your soul

and letting the magic of this special place

purify that energy

transform it

into something useful

and then slowly and easily

breathing that energy back in

clean and useful

and letting it move through your body

to all the places that you need

letting your body heal

letting your body grow stronger

and healthier

you can feel that can't you ladies?

WonderKitty 2:45 AM


Psyco Turnip 2:45 AM

Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 2:47 AM

live an energized

and healthy life

and one things i'd like to focus on

while we are here today

is on how you feel

about yourself

that's ok with you isn't it ladies?

Psyco Turnip 2:48 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 2:48 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:48 AM

Most people

in their lives

are usually their own worst critic

we think about things that happen

or how we behave

how we look

and we criticize ourselves

there may be many reasons why

but the reality is

we are all worthy of care

and love

and we are all i need

of self love

of the acceptance of who we are

flaws and all

because those flaws help us to be unique

some times they make us special

some times they give us a path

a goal to strive towards

something to work for and achieve

but it's so very important to understand

that even if you aren't perfect

right now

that you are worthy of love

and that it's not only ok to love yourself

but that it's health to do so

to accept who you are right now

even if you have changes you wish to make

inside of your life in the future

it's so very important

to accept who you are

and to love yourself

right now, as this special

unique person

how do you feel ladies?

Psyco Turnip 2:52 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:53 AM

good girl you are most definitely appreciated,

you both are

WonderKitty 2:53 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:53 AM

very good

self love can take many forms

sometimes it's just a simple glance

in the mirror, and letting yourself

compliment yourself

on your eyes

on your smile

maybe even on your hair

maybe it takes the form of eating

just a bit healthier

every day

or getting a little more exercise

then you did the day before

little things like this

can add up very quickly

some times self love

simply means that you forgive yourself

we all make mistakes

some of them are little

some of them are big

but we all make them

and we are all worthy of being forgiven

especially from ourselves

no matter what it is

it's important

and completely okay

to forgive yourself

and accept that you know you made a mistake

and you will try better next time.

and some times self love

is as easy as realizing

that you simply need a break

i'm sure both of you needa  break from time ot time

don't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip 2:56 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 2:56 AM


Sleepyhypno 2:57 AM

yes,  i know you do

it's perfectly ok to decide

every now and then

that you are going to simply sit

and relax

maybe watch a movie

maybe read a book

maybe play that one video game

that is a guilty pleasure of yours

these are my ways of relaxing

it's ok if you have your own

it's ok to call up a friend and say hello

or go out and visit someone you haven't seen

in a long long time

whatever it is that helps you

to simply relax

and unwind

and make you feel better

that is how you show yourself


and compassion

that is why this place is here

for me to simply come

and relax

away from everything

and let my body

and mind

let go

and relax

purifying all parts of myself



and soul

and that is why i'm giving this gift to you

so if this place can help you

you are free to use it

Do you like that ladies?

WonderKitty 3:00 AM


Psyco Turnip 3:00 AM

Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 3:00 AM

very good

doing so well

it's also ok if this place

just isn't quite what you like

we are all different

we all have different things that we need

or want

but you can take what you have learned

in this place

and simply allow yourself

to make changes

little or big

to make this place suit your needs the most

or you are completely free

to create your own

special little place

for you to simply relax

and recharge in

your free to come to your special place

whenever you would like

and stay for as long as you would like

you don't have to do it every day

but you should at least

think of one way

every day

that you can show yourself

that you love yourself

that you can let yourself know

and remember

that you are loved

and cherished

and worthy

because to be honest

you are worthy

and you are cherished

and loved

and it's ok to ahve those feelings

for yourself

and to take care of yourself

in the ways that are uniquely you

you can do that can't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip 3:04 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 3:04 AM


Sleepyhypno 3:04 AM

very good ladies

and now,

you can simply sit in this special place

whether it be exactly as you found it

or modified

to suit you more perfectly

you are free to simply sit

and relax

taking in all the sights and sounds

letting this place purify your energy

calm your mind

and relax your body

and when your ready to wake up

you need only take a deep breathe

and let the image of this special place

fade away

you can come back anytime you want

simply closing your eyes and thinking about it

will take you there

or you can always rewatch this video

and get a little help

but for now

simply rest

and relax

and remember

it's ok

and important

to love yourself

and when you are ready now ladies

simply let yourself wake up

and tell me how you feel

there is no rush

take your time

and relax

Psyco Turnip 3:12 AM


Sleepyhypno 3:12 AM

very good my friend, how do you feel?

Psyco Turnip 3:13 AM

All floaty.

Sleepyhypno 3:13 AM

that's good to hear honestly

WonderKitty 3:14 AM

I thinki say blissful

Sleepyhypno 3:15 AM

welcome back i was kind of wondering if you were just going to drift off

WonderKitty 3:16 AM

I'm wondered the ssme thing myself

Psyco Turnip 3:16 AM

I might still...

Sleepyhypno 3:16 AM

are you awake currently wonderkitty?

WonderKitty 3:16 AM

Uh huh

Sleepyhypno 3:17 AM

do you ladies want me to put you back down, and send you to bed?

WonderKitty 3:17 AM

Kinda, yes

Psyco Turnip 3:18 AM

I should be heading to kitchen/bed.

Sleepyhypno 3:18 AM

you should be,

but you can head to that hypnotized just like wonderkitty if you'd like.   if not it's ok too

Psyco Turnip 3:18 AM

That does sound nice.

Sleepyhypno 3:18 AM


you can finish what you were typing psyco?

Psyco Turnip 3:19 AM

By all means, go ahead.

WonderKitty 3:20 AM

This kitchen/bed thing, the bed is in the kitchen?

Psyco Turnip 3:20 AM

Naa I clean my kitchen before bed every night.

Sleepyhypno 3:20 AM

I tend to give her suggestion to keep her hypnotized while she does that








nice and deep

nice and relaxed

you've both spent the better part of the last three hours

deeply hypnotized

deeply relaxed

even though you were awake a bit

you're still able to just sink

all the way back down

and relax

maybe going to your special place

maybe just watching my words

you can do that can't you ladies?

Psyco Turnip 3:22 AM

Yes Sir.

WonderKitty 3:22 AM

Can do that

Sleepyhypno 3:22 AM

good girls

in a moment ladies

you're both going to let yourself

do what you need to do

to go to bed


you can turn anything off you need

change clothes or lock up

and then drift into a deep deep sleep

as soon as you lay down in bed


you'll be able to get up

blissfully hypnotized

blank and relaxed

maybe even feeling the snake from earlier

driving your body

step by step

to clean up your kitchen

before you move to bed

and drift into a deep

relaxing sleep

That's ok with you ladies now isn't it?

WonderKitty 3:23 AM


Psyco Turnip 3:23 AM

Yes Sir.

Sleepyhypno 3:23 AM

good girls

Is there anything you'd like me to suggest to you before you go to bed?

WonderKitty 3:24 AM


Psyco Turnip 3:24 AM

No Sir.

Sleepyhypno 3:24 AM

good girls

then on the count of three

you will both log off

and carry out your suggestions

sleeping deeply and soundly until you need to wake up

and remembering everything that happened tonight

and hopefully how much you enjoyed yourselves




go to bed NOW ladies

good night

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